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Ide Drives Not Detected

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my HDD OR CD ROM are not detected during Boot Up, i tried on another system and they work fine. The cable connections and power supply are fine, i tried interchanging them too, but to no avail. ANy help?
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Welcome to TSF:

Does your computer get thru and succesfully complete the bios screens with the exception of the detection of the drives ????

I would try another hard drive cable (make sure to buy a 80 pin IDE drive cable <<< they are pretty cheap and available at most any computer store) / may sure your hard drive is connected to the primary IDE (usually blue) coonector on the motherboard and make sure the hard drive is connected at the far opposite end of the cable. In other words your primary master hard drive (the one you intend to have windows OS on=primary master) should be the only drive on the cable until we get things staritened out !!! make sure the jumper settings on the hard drive are set to primary master

the cd-rom drive should be connected on its own cable in the same manner except it will be connected to the mobo IDE secondary connector (black connector)

then start your computer / enter the bios set-up / find the "restore defaults" button and select the restore bios defaults / then restart and see if drives are listed in the bios start-up hardware detection screen.

let us kinow how you progress / ask more questions if needed


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also try checking the hdd and cdroms and see if theyre jumpered correctly.
I have tried another cable, the thing is it was working fine and i did work on windows, but after i shut down and restarted it came up with this problem, that means the connection was ok.

Hint: I changed my Motherboard a lil while before this started,but it worked fime at the first Instance, SO?
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