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Icons on desktop

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You don't get rid of me that easily folks!!

Here's a little problem that I've had ever since I acquired this pc.

On my desktop there are two icons : WS_FTP Pro Explorer

They are windows flags and when double-clicking them the explorer opens up a navigator window with no page to display and the other says cannot find ftppro95.exe.

Obviously this was some program installed when it was running Win95 when I got it. The problem now is I cannot delete these off the desktop or move them or anything. Any ideas?

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I was going to suggest white out, but it isn't really a solution.

I'll look into it and get back to you.
Try right clicking on them and go to properties, Then General and see if they are set as archive if not check the archive box only.

You may need to reboot. Then try to delete them...:)
Nope that didn't work you don't get the option for 'Properties' on either of the icons?
Type Run, Regedit, Click Edit then Find.

Type in these items one at a time and see if it finds them.

Without me having to searching through the posts again can you tell me the OS you are using now...

Yes I'm now using Windows 2000 professional edition.
Not to worry people I've got rid of them. I downloaded an application called ftplink.exe and that enabled me to remove them.

Isn't it great when a plan comes together!

Ok, part 2. I had Norton Anti-virus Corporate Edition on my PC when I was running Win98 but now it won't work cos it needs a 2000 version. When I try to add/remove programs on it it wouldn't go. Anyway cut a long story short I went onto Norton website and got instructions to manually remove it from the registry. Have done that now,got it off add/remove programs, got a new version for Win2000 and when I try to install that it still says I'm running Norton Antivirus Corporate edition and I need to uninstall it before installing this version!


There is still a nortan key entry in your registy somewhere you will just have to seach it out, have fun:)
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