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Ok, so I've been wanting to build a quad core and I'm trying to decide between the i7 860 and the i7 920 . At first glance I prefer the i7 860 but I don't really understand what exactly the implications of having dual channel vs triple channel memory will effect. Basically my understanding is I have two options:
1. i7 860 core with dual channel memory
2. i7 920 core with triple channel memory

If there's no difference i'd take the 860 since i can get away with a cheaper motherboard/ram, but if the triple channel ram + 920 will be significantly better, then i'd go with that.

Thanks in advance!

1. Budget: Whichever setup provides the better specs
2. Brands: i7 860 vs i7 920 // dual vs triple channel ram
3. Multitasking: Just Video Rendering
4. Gaming: A bit but video rendering takes priority
5. Calculations: Video Rendering
6. Overclocking: A bit
7. Storage: N/A
8. Legacy Support: N/A
9. Operating System: N/A
10. Case: N/A
11. Accessories: N/A
12. Recycled Components: N/A
13. Monitor: N/A
14. Stores: Any
15. Location: US

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Personally, if I were building an i7 i would go with the 860.
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