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I want to install a new hard drive, need advice

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I am considering installing a new hard drive, I have heard the one that I have could or is going bad.
I have a:
HP Pavilion 4440
4.3 gig hard drive (unknown make and model)
1.0 gig slave hard drive (unknown make and model)
win 98 version 2
256 Mb ram
AT&T cable modem
I want to combine both hard drives into one 20 gig hard drive. I can't get rid of my 4.3 gig because is has all of the company's software and data.
Need your advice on:
Which brand to purchase?
After formatting my new 20 gig hard drive, do I place the new hard drive in the slave position, then image copy all of the information from the 4.3 gig to the new hard drive? Then remove the 4.3 gig (master) then place the new 20 gig hard drive into the master position? Am I correct? or going about it all wrong?
I am not sure if I can install my new 20 gig hard drive, then use the HP recovery CD because, it has win98 version 1 and my company IT upgraded my win98 to version 2 on my 4.3 gig hard drive, as it is needed to run the company's software.
Thanks for your response.
Steven, a computer newbie :confused:
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Get a copy of is easy....specially for W98

then just copy the old drive (before it craps out) over....

as far as brands go your going to get opions based on techs long as (I know I hear the rest of you bitiching) you stay with the name brands

Western Digital

you should be ok....Fujitsu just purchased IBM's hard drive division so you might get a great deal on a IBM deskstar
thanks doonz

Thanks doonz for your response
Wow, I didn't know that. Fujitsu is my favorite brand and IBM was second. I own two 20 gig Deskstars but last year bought a fujitsu for a friend and was amazed at how quiet it was.

Steven, yes thats how it's done. Several posts about Ghost on this board also.
in the end they all have seagate heads. the Dell servers...was bitiching to my IBM rep about how competitive we CANT be aginst Dell and he said unoffically "IBM doesnt care becuse most Dell servers are IBM's"

Plextor...who do you think makes TDK CDR' aint TDK

aint it nice to know a NAME can cost so much
Val are u trying to say something;)
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