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Hey Alablaster, this is my first time on here too and I got on here just so I could possibly figure out your sn00.exe problem. I read all the replies and your comments also. Everyone has their suggestions and ideas, I'm sure they were all meaning well and trying to help you. But, one thing i did not see in the replies is someone else that had that file on their computer also. Well, don't worry, cause it's not a worm, virus, porn thing or anything bad like that. I looked thru your directory listings that you posted and I noticed this
was in there. Well good news, you're not the only one with that file, I have the exact same one on mine, in the exact same place. Let me ask you this, does the icon next to the sn00.exe file have a big green X in a square? I bet it does. Now, right click on the sn00.exe file and click on properties, then when that window comes up click on the version tab, then read what's all in there. Down in the "Item name" box in the left you can also click on those individual things and in the other box marked "Value" it well tell you what it is.

I'll make another bet that you have Microsoft Excel on your computer.

That's what I did, then I just double clicked on the sn00.exe file and it opened up Excel for me.

Well, I hope I was at least some help to you.

Oh yeah, by the way, if you're still having alot of problems with your computer and can't seem to do anything to fix the problems, sometimes it's best to just reformat your hard drive and start fresh. If you don't know how to do that yourself, then don't try to do it yourself the first time. When you reformat a hard drive you wipe everything out and reinstall Windows and whatever else you may need to reinstall. You will lose your personal stuff doing this. so you want to make sure certain things are saved and backed up on second hard drive or removable media.

Well, good luck with whatever you end up doing!!!

Have a good day!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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