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I think i've got a keylogger on my main system/I can't reformat my computer

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Hello, as the topic title says i think i've got a key logger on my main computer, my Yahoo! email account and World of Warcraft account have both been compromised. I changed the information on a safe computer, but i wish to remove the key logger. Now i know that reformatting is also an option, but i cannot because when i boot from my windows XP CD there is no option to reformat, only repair. Any help on both subjects would be great. I should also add that i'm not using vista 64 bit anymore, I am on Windows XP 32 bit.
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Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Use a hard drive utility first to erase it, before installing windows on it.

How to successfully start a fresh install of windows:

1. Enter bios, by pressing F1, F2, F10, delete upon booting up, depending on pc you have,

Go to boot devices
cd/drive rom
other deices (optional) varies on different pc`s.

2. Get a harddrive utility for the HD.
Try seatools - works for other harddrives also.

If there isnt one for your harddrive then get one of these to use:

dban -
killdisc -

3. Run a harddrive test.
4. Run a full erase.
5. Remove cd disc utility
6. turn off pc
7. turn on pc and let it boot you should get a disc error (this is good)or missing OS.
8. Put your cd disc of windows in and reboot pc and press enter to boot from your windows
9. Install drivers
10. Install protection
11. Update windows

The reason for erasing harddrive with a HD utility program first is that it will erase
everything on HD, as formatting only prepares drive for installation of windows, doesnt
necessarily wipe out harddrive from information.

Note: Its always good to perform the harddrive test, saves alot of time in future and
takes the guess work out of the problems you may incur in installing windows.

Please mark post solved under thread tools if this fixes your problem, ty.
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