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I need some help with a new build :(

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"enjoy the research this section will deliver, half the fun of building a computer is "knowing" you picked the right parts for YOU " -Linderman
After reading that quote I decided to build a new computer! (so thank you)

Anyways, I think I have the right pieces together, I tried to research as much as possible and read a lot (about 2 hours a day for the past two weeks).

Questions from TheMatt:
1. Budget: How much money are you willing to spend on the new build?
>>Hopefully less than $1000, but I can go over if you think I need to.
2. Brands: Are there any brands of components you want or don't want?
>>Intel, I hear they are very good.
3. Multitasking: Will you be multitasking with this computer and if so, how much?
>>Multitasking will be limited to itunes, firefox, outlook, excel, word, and a few ssh sessions.
4. Gaming: Will you be gaming and if so, how much and how new are the games?
>>Oh yes, I definitely want to be able to play some great newer games :)
5. Calculations: Will you be doing any intense calculations or media encoding?
>>Most intense will be excel and SPSS
6. Overclocking: Do you plan on overclocking and if so, how much?
>>Maybe down the road if I need some extra juice
7. Storage: How much storage will you need and what will you be storing?
>>I have a 150gb hdd and a 250gb external which I want to reuse
8. Legacy Support: Will you need support for older hardware like parallel, serial, or PS/2 devices?
9. Operating System: Do you want Windows XP or Vista, or Linux compatibility?
>>XP, and then Vista maybe for Christmas :)
10. Case: Do you want help selecting a case and if so, how big do you want it?
>>I made a newegg list with a case that looks pretty cool, I really want some input though
11. Accessories: Do you want a keyboard, mouse, or other items included?
12. Recycled Components: Will you be reusing any components you already have?
>>I will be reusing my dvd burner, its a plain lightscribe one, my video card (8800GTS 640mb), and my hard drive a 150GB 10krpm drive.
13. Monitor: If you want a monitor, what size do you want and should it be widescreen?
14. Stores: Do you have any online stores that you prefer to purchase from?
15. Location: What country do you live in?
>> usa

Current PC specs: old S939 motherboard, x2 3800+ cpu, 2gb of kingston value ram, 8800gts 640mb.

Here is a link to the list I made of newegg stuff

When new cards come out I want to be able to upgrade and have some overhead to upgrade other things too.

Any help or pointing in the right direction would be very kind of you.
Thanks for reading
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Looks decent's some corsair memory...a lil bit cheaper with rebate hassles...
Thanks, Patriothntr :) the G.Skill memory comes highly recommended from a friend, and for $12 I'm not going to go through with the mail in rebate nonsense :p

Anyways, how does the rest of it look? I don't know too much about hardware but from what I have read everything looks to be compatible.


Everything else looks pretty good to me...Good cooler and chip...I don't know anything about the case...looks like an Antec 900 (link below)...I know Antec quality...I don't know that company...From the reviews it looks decent though.
Thank you so much for looking over my list, I really appreciate it!!

I was looking at the antec 900, but went with nzxt tempest because it looked bigger and I have room for it, but I am also a klutz and with stuff and I wanted to be sure I'd have enough room to fit my big mitts in there.

Thanks again!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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