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i need some advise on video cards

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ok i just got BF2 and my video card dont support it and im planning to get a new one but i dont know if i should get a nvidia geforce fx 5700 or a ati radeon 9500 and i also have 2 video cards i want to sell but i dont know where and till i do i cant get my new one can you help me please thanks
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for selling your old ones, i'd try ebay.

or your neighbor. if i lived next door, i'd probably want one.
i dont have a credit card or checking account

but if you wanted i could take a money order and probably handle S&H
well, if you wanted to attempt to sell them here, the advertising section does allow that, (although, your post count needs to be 20, or 25, i'm not sure which) many of us have tried that in the past, and i think a few things were sold that way.

as far as if i would want them, i have to ask, what are they, and how much would you plan on wanting?
oh, and to answer your original question about which card to get...

i think both radeon and g-force cards are very nice.

make sure they are both on the list of cards that will play battlefield, and then i'd say it's a matter of which one you can afford.

that is, unless one of them is alot less megs, or has things it won't support, like full T&L.
well i have a nvidia geforce fx 5200 128MB DDR/PCI interface DVI(VGA)/TV-OUT(DUAL DISPLAY its brand new it has been installed one time and it was not compatible with the games i have and i also have a used geforce 4 mx 440 4x/8x 128MB DDR/AGP interfaceits only been used for about a month
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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