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I need help with my Dlink router.

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My D-Link router's model is 524.

Recently my friend screwed around with my router settings and other things, and he has it set so my room mate's internet shuts off at 8:30 at night, and he needs his computer for his school work. I was wondering if anyone knew how I could configure it so I can set it so his internet doesn't shut off, or even make it shut off later..

If you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
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Reset it to factory defaults, and get new friends. :smile:

Can you tell me how to set a time on my router for the other computer? I would like to know how to do it if I needed to for my son, because he tends to spend too much time on his computer.

Please help if you can.

The login is

default user is admin, password field is left blank. If your son knows this then I'd recommend going in and resetting the user/password to something more secure.
So, what do I go into once I log into my Dlink page?

How would I go about setting my son's router to disconnect him from the internet at say 10:30 ?
Can anyone help me with that ? ^

It would be greatly appreciated.
Try logging in and exploring the settings, then if you run into problems, we'll help you out.

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Time to go fishing! :smile:
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