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I made a mistake, a huge mistake.

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Ladies and Gents,

**Note the following is the story of what happens when a network admin tries to pretend to be a "hardware" guy. It is also the story of what happens when said Network Admin makes a huge mistake because it is his(said admin) home PC so who needs to worry right. Said person below would like all to hold comments, leering, and general laughing to a minimum.


I was trying to install Fedora Core 6 to dual boot on my home machine. However, I was having some partition issues. So I decided to use UBCD to go ahead and resize a partition and move an old small partition(FAT32) Apparently during the process of trying to get this to work I deleted the Partition holding XP PRO. Of course, I thought that I would be able to use one of the many free utilities on the internet to bring back the partition, I was wrong. When I did bring back the partition it didn't neccesarily bring back the whole partition.

Essentially my question here is how, how oh hardware guru's am I going to get back all of my files. I am fine with a fresh reinstall, but lets be honest here: 4.5Gb's in Music, Over 2 Gb's in training video's paid for and downloaded off of the internet. 5 years worth of homework, and homework projects which have been useful to keep in the past. As you can see I would really love to have this stuff back.

I have tried every freeware program that I could find to restore at least the documents off of the harddrive and to no avail. I also purchased a solution which I now believe to be a scam as their tech support cannot seem to give me the proper key code to actually use the full version of the program.

If anyone has any ideas of what I can try or do too get this back up and running, please, please, please tell me.


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there has been sucess with the first 2 listed here
have you tried booting from a linux boot cd like knoppix to see if the data is still there and if it is what you can drag off to disk
FWIW I did exactly what you did. i.e. deleted the partition. I got back everything I needed with handyrecover (in the above list). It was the only recovery software (out of the many I tried) that worked in my case. Not only that but one of the few that actually PROVED it could get what it said it could get, by letting me recover one file a day for free.

I will try some of these solutions.

If none of this works I would like to send my harddrive off to a pro. Any thoughts?
If the sectors on your HDD that had the OS installed have just been marked as empty (as with any delete) by the partitioning software and not yet actually rewritten on, you should be able to retrieve all the data. If they've been rewritten then you won't be able to as that particular space is occupied by other data now. In this case even professionals will not abe able to help you.

To maximize your chances of retrieval don't use the system much and if so do minimal work on it, producing minimal writing on the HDD or installation.

I can list you more tools (free and licensed) but they will generally find what theose in the above link will.
the best I have used

partition table doctor can restore your partition


both of them you can download and do a free scan / if you see your data then pay

keep us posted
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The best I have used is also Partition Table Doctor. :sayyes:
It is very good for retrieving a partition.

Nice find Joe :D
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