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I Lost My Taskbar

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MY system was crashed and i restarted the pc from the button in the tower and when i logged on in my users account i couldn t see the taskbar.I still can see it... what the heck can i do to get over this and see it again?

Thanks in advance
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If there is a thin blue line along bottom of screen. hover over it and click and hold. Now drag it up a little until it comes into view.
this is the weird

I thought the same thing to do but there was no blue thin line!When i press the button that starts the start menou it appears a little more higher than expected and again i can t see my taskbar
Try right clicking on the START button, then Properties - you should get a menu with 'hide the task bar' on - have a play with that.
Press Ctrl + Alt + del and look at the processes tab. Look for explorer.exe. Click it and disable it. Now go into Applications and click New Task. Type explorer.exe in here and click OK
^What he said will work, it will reboot the process, and if it still doesnt appear after that then I suspect theres a virus or a serious error.
Ok it appeared after a restart of my system thanks for helping me.

I Wish you a Happy New Year....
Glad to have helped?
Thanks For your help and i wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR
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