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I Keep Dying

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Ok on battlefield 2142 I am really good at getting kills but i keep dying and that brings my score down any tips on how to stop this.
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Don't die? :winkgrin: :laugh:

Just the general ones:
- keep moving, as it makes you harder to hit.
- use terrain (buildings, trees, hills, etc) to your advantage - sneak up on people, duck behind walls to avoid being shot, etc.
- heal whenever possible, but don't go out of your way to heal, especially when in danger.
- if you're near the end of your clip and there are no enemies near, reload, even if it wastes the last few bullets.

I haven't played BF 2142 yet (been too busy), so I can't give you any specific suggestions, but the above are some of the general "stay alive" tips I know, which work in all games.
i figured out the problem hahahahaha i officially suck at being a sniper :tongue:
lol! being a sniper can be hard. it usually takes quick aim and keep moving. The other thing to remember is to listen for audio cue's if any. Train yourself to know what a gernade/explosive sounds like if near or what a rocket sounds like if flying by. Knowing this and a fast reflex to sprint away can save your virtual life!
Also make sure you know the maps...

Most maps in FPS' have certain "high traffic areas" that you may want to avoid. For instance in Blood Gulch for Halo, there are almost always people camping on the big hill. I see players die, spawn, and go right back through the teleporter, only to be killed again in record time. A lot of them will do this time after time after time.

Not saying you're guilty of putting yourself in bad situations, but once you know the ins and outs of the maps I find that helps tremendously.

Not to toot my own horn, (I love that phrase), but I can usually get a pretty good kill/death ratio in HaloPC, and it's mostly because I play a pretty defensive game.
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