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I have internet, but not really

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Hey folks!

I have a laptop which runs Windows Vista. At one point in time it could connect to our home wireless network and access the Internet fine, however we changed ISPs and with that my laptop can no longer access web pages. Yet, I know it has an internet connection, because not only does it say it's connected, but I get positive results when pinging websites through the command prompt.

I've tried everything to figure out how to make it view web pages again, but I always come up with nothing. My network has a Macintosh, a Windows XP, and this laptop, the Vista.

Any ideas?
Thank you in advance!
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Do any Instant messaging programs work?
If so I think you should use that to send a different browser over to the computer that doesnt work, and then see if that will work.

That sounds like the most simple solution to me, or have you already tried different browsers? (Such as firefox)
It sounds like there are some settings wrong somewhere, but I'm not an expert so I wouldn't be too sure.
I already have Firefox installed on my laptop, however Firefox is also having that problem.

My guess would be that it's some sort of TCP/UDP issue, but I don't know enough on the topic to know why that is and how to fix it.
Earlier I tried running a game to see if that did anything. Oddly, Halo and Warcraft III ran just fine in online game play!
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