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I have a RADEON 8500 and GatewayVX720 Problem???

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Hi This is my computer:

Gateway VX720 17inch FLAT Refurbished

Lian Li PC60B Case
Kingmax 256MB RAM
P4 Northwood 1.8A GHZ
Radeon 8500 64MB
1 WD 40 GB 7200RPM HD
1 WD 20 GB 7200RPM HD
Toshiba 4x DVD
SONY Spressa 24x 8x 32x CDRW
Enermax 350W Whisper Dual Fan
PCI fan
PCI Ethernet Card
WITH WINDOWS 2000 Professional Edition

Problem: My computer is running at 35 degrees celcius on CPU, and 40 degrees celcius on my mb. I often get hardware monitor problem when I reboot my computer. Ic heck my bios and I have an abnormal voltage on 3.3V setting. I am running around 3.059V.

After rebooting, I get after 30 sec or so, while playing GTA3, or windows 2000 loads up, I get like an old 8 bit screen with square and rectangle boxes in different color just like I am going through a Benchmark Testing. Then sometimes I get blank screen, and my monitor shows "Monitor is working correctly" sign. Sometimes it just acts as if its frozen. This problem arouse after I bought this Gateway VX 720 Refurbished at the Compouter Show. I do not know whether the problem is from MY PSU, where I have a 350W enermax dual fan. ATI RADEON 8500? Or the Monitor. My drivers are all updated, my Bios is updated also. I tried every method and I am still getting this error. My Volatge setting of my PSU is 115V. I live in Upstate NY. I have no AC in my room, and the temperture of my room usually gets around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. I dont know what is the problem.

If there are anyone who encountered problems such as these, please email me or post on this message immediately please! thank you for reading.
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Hello storeware and Welcome to Tech Support Forums...:D

Did this computer work ok before you started using this monitor?
Did you install the driver available here...:D

Yeah I installed those drivers at the gateway site, then ati site, and even my bios I upgraded.... When I had a crappy monitor which I borrowed from my friend... it was working fine... after I got this monitor and installed driver for this monirtor... it started to mess up. and I dont know why the voltage is down either.... Now even when I put my old monitor... it does the same thing....
Speedo... Your are very fast replier...

I just signed in... and with in few minutes you posted a reply... Just like the name "Speedo" hehe
Do you have another video card you can try in there?

I have the Asus P4T-E I'm going to take a peek at the bios and see what the deal with the voltage is on mine......:D

I'll Be Back...:winking:
Let me make sure I understand... it was working fine, then you updated drivers, and it stopped working.... The BIOS upgrade was probably pretty safe, and depending on what you mean by FLAT ( LCD or CRT) you probably don't need a driver for your monitor. As for your video card I'd try to re-install the original drivers for it to see if that helps.... Please correct me if I'm wrong guys... We'll get you take care of.
Well I went and checked my bios, Came back to report and my internet connection was out...:mad:

Called tech support and she said the whole New England area was out.

First time in a year in a half so I can't complain...:D

Now back to the issue at hand...:winkgrin:

vcore voltage = 1.72

+3.3V = 3.28

+5.0V = 5.05

+12V = 11.91

Room Temp 82F

MB Temp 33C

CPU Temp 45C

So it does look like you voltage may be off a tad.

Have you tried setting your motherboards bios to default or clearing the cmos just in case there is some strange setting in there somewhere?

If this doesn't help I would try getting my hands on another power supply and try that. Borrow one if possible...:D
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