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I hate Roxio

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I used to use Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum and it's made my life hell. I can not retreive cdrw backups that were made with Roxio and even some of my cd s have problems. I took a Roxio cdrw to a friends computer and copied the info to his hard drive, but he couldn't burn a disc from that. It's as though Roxio has infected the data somehow. Has anyone else had problems with Roxio Easy CD creator? I use Nero now and haven't had a problem since.
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Ya... Roxio sucks ***.. did the same to me.. Use Nero now, never have a problem!
I dropped EZ-CD like a hot rock when I got Nero. :)
I had problems with easy creator 4
I know alot of people that have had problems with Roxio. You all are right Nero is the only solution. It is the only burning software I use.
Nero is King for sure................Roxio totally sucks the big one

Good luck,

uhh.... uh... well....

well i feel dumb, the only time i had trouble with roxio ezcd5 was when my burner lens was filthy and it was reading cd-r discs as cd-rw disks and then it would ruin discs. other than that i havent had a problem and i have just recently used up my seventh 50 pack of cd's. i only use roxio because it is free and it was given to me when i bought my used burner. the only thing i hate is that i cant backup some of my games, like simcity3000 and mechwarrior4. it starts to create a cd image, and then it seems the application freezes, so i have to cntrl alt delete it. i did wait along time to see if it was working but nothing. if someone could perhaps tell me where i can find a better free burner software, and maybe also a good free dvd decoder software i would be greatly thankful. thank you people again,
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