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I got a HDD problem after using iCare Data Recovery Software

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Since i used iCare Data Recovery Software to recover data on my HDD after it was formatted. Since then it seems that the PC doesn't pick up the HDD at all. It causes the computer to restart and displays a screen saying BOOTMGR missing every time i try to boot.

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Boot up to your Windows DVD or press F8 when starting the computer and go to Windows System Recovery. Select your language, etc and press Next. Then select Startup repair and Windows will try to repair your boot manager.
Sigh, I pressed F8 and it loaded the CD, but i couldnt recover anything, because the HDD doesnt have windows installed, and i cant install windows, because it says i must instert a HDD / make sure it is plugged in correctly.

when I trie to boot from the CD, the screen just stays black...
and i dont know what to do
I'm not sure I understand. Do you have a working hard drive installed in the computer? Is the hard drive recognized in Bios? Is Windows installed on the drive?
Windows isnt installed, because the drive has been formatted. The HDd is recognised in the Bios, but i cant install windows, because everytime i trie to boot from the CD it asks me to press any button to boot from CD, and after Ive presses a button(enter) it just loads a few files, and then the screen appears black.
Sounds like you may have more than just a HDD issue. Windows setup should load from the DVD, after which, part of the installation process would be to select the HDD to use for installation. You can then partition and format the drive.
Yea I know, but the Windows CD doesnt read that far, it only reads a few files from the CD, and then it shows a blank(black) screen.
Could be any number of issues. Bad disc, or any number of hardware issues (CD/DVD drive, RAM, motherboard, HDD, power supply).

Try a different bootable disc.
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