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i dont know what to do^^

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hey guys,
first of all,my english is not so good but ill do my best^^

i just got a new cpu,but im not happy with it.its the q6600,before i had the e2200.
with the e2200,bfbc2 was very hard to it runs good but the cpu temp goes up to 71°C..
it is the original cooler for the q6600 with new heatsink paste.
so the cooler gets very loud after some minutes.
the other problem is,i thought i will get a good performance boost,but games like metro 2033 or bulletstorm still run bad.
i dont know if i did something wrong.maybe the fsb is wrong now?the e2200 was 800mhz,the q6600 1066 i i have do change something in my bios?
when i installed the q6600,the system didtn goes on,off,on,off,on,off....
than i unplucked my hdds,started again and it i plucked them again and now it runs.and yeah,i resetted my bios.
i didtn update my bios for some years now cause i dont have a floppy drive^^
and some people said flashing with usb stick is dangerous..
my other components:
msi p35 neo
gainward gtx 260gs
4gb g.e.i.l ram

psu is a xsilence 500watts.but i think thats not the problem.if theres a problem with the psu the system should not boot right?
i really dont have a big plan of all those computer things.

but i think with a system like this,i should be able to play all new games on middle specc?

if you need some screenshots,please tell me exactly wich ones please.i have cpu-z and core temp.
and i didnt reinstall my windows,cause i think win7 64 bit can handly a cpu change.

thx for helping:smile:
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71C is too hot for your CPU. You might have put too much paste on or the heatsink might not be attached properly.

Clean off the old paste with some ArctiClean or Isopropyl Alcohol, then apply a small dot of thermal paste to the middle of the CPU, reattach the heatsink and make sure it's firmly clipped onto the motherboard.

Scroll down to the 'Applying Thermal Paste' section - Thermal Paste and How To Use It
Clean out all the dust with a can of compressed air while you're at it.
hey,thx for the answers.
i just removed the old paste but without isoprophyl,dont have it here..^^
but i think there was too much paste on it.
in idle mode it runs between 39-43°
while playing it goes up to max. 65°,is that ok?
it is the g0 version of the q6600.

but i think im going to buy a better cooler.can you advise a good one betweend 20-50euros?
again a question^^
my q6600 runs at 1.25v,
i some forums they say i can reduce it to 1.15 or something.will this help the temperature to get lower?
After you cleaned off the old paste, did you apply a fresh layer or are you now running the CPU with no paste at all?

65C is an improvement, but try and keep it under 60C at full load.

You shouldn't need to adjust the voltage in BIOS.

CPU coolers for Q6600 LGA775 -

MASSCOOL 90mm Ball CPU Cooler
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus 120mm CPU Cooler
StarTech 70mm Ball 1U Intel Socket 775 CPU Cooler
Antec Performance Max 92mm CPU Cooler
Thermaltake 90mm CPU Cooler
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Quad Core overheat faster than Core 2 Duo and Dual Core CPUs
so get a good fan suggested above
you should notice a good improvements but be aware that not all games are optimized for 4 cores, there are few like GTA IV is one of them
@koala i applied a little drop of new paste on it
the coolermaster hyper 212 looks good.i think im gonna buy this one.

@rockmaster with my e2200 i was unable to play it runs good @ 1680x1050 with all details on.theres some little lag when i cross a big bridge or something,but i can live with that^^

thx for the answers guys :)
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