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hi, could you please help me with my laptop. when I press start button, it said:
window fail to start. a recent hard change might be cause. if window.files have been damGed or configure incorrectly bla bla start up repair can help diagnose and fix bla bla. then they ask me select 2 option.

1.. launch start up repair (recomed)
2. start window normally..

when I choose, it shown collecting file and then nothing hapened just blue screen forever. If I choose 2 it restart and ask me to choose like above.

I tried to press f8 and click on repair, safe mood but nothing happened it re start like above.

I also tried to format my laptop, I press f12 and option no2. I start to format by press install then it stuck 'setup installing' for couple hours. I give up then I turn off.

What shud I do? I would like to donate if it works. tq
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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