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I can't see the coding

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I'm studying web design and one of the things i need to do is see the coding of certain webpages.. For some reason everytime i go to "view" and i press source nothing happens... It is suppose to show me the coding from the webpage on notepad.
I would appreciate if you guys could help me to fix this
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the answers you seek will be different for each browser you could possibly be using.

which browser are you using, and does this happen with all pages?

some websites do indeed block out source viewing.
Im using the version 6 of the microsoft Internet exp browser....
It happens to all the webpages...
Does your Notepad program work otherwise?
What do you mean by working otherwise?
oh, i can probably resolve this.

open internet explorer, and go into the options panel.

in the tab marked "programs" there is a setting for the default html editor.

set it to notepad, and click ok.

this should do it.
No... i tried still doesnt work :4-dontkno

then i have no clue, i've never seen anything like that on any pc i've touched.
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