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Free mmorpgs used to work like a charm on my PC, looked nice, played nice, never got disconnected.

But now I have tried 4 different ones, which I have played before and work for everyone else at the moment, I just have Maple Story at the moment (dont criticize :normal:)

I cant even connect to the launcher, patcher, anything, I cant even download anymore games, or music, the only internet function that really works on my computer is this browser and MSN o_0

I have windows XP service pack 2, all Microsoft latest updates, all driver updates, all directx updates, Maple has worked many time before on my computer

Now when I open there is no news screen just, refresh the page, and when I click Play! it disconnects completely!

For all games!

Please help guys, I have been searching and even called my ISP and they said to reset my router, which I did, and did not work.

Oh, and it cant be a virus, because I also cant play online on my Wii, or even get on the internet on my PSP when I normally can... whats up?
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