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i can connect to wifi but can get internet, even though to cable box says it is working and the two other laptops connect to the same wifi connection and they get the internet.

i have symantec endpoint protection run in the background 247

i use JRT.exe to remove junk

i use roguekiller to take pum out

i use malwarebytes to remove pup

i use rkiller one in a while

i use glary utilities to erace trakes

i use combo fix some times but they do not update anymore so i thank it is useless now

i also use adwcleaner once in a while

the ethernet cable did not work and free wifi did not work ether

the network sharing show the ethernet cable being plumed in and unplugged with my adapter

i only have one network on my laptop now and it is my home and it will not let me get internet

when i checked the free wifi i had a network for that and it has been deleted

i had the laptop apart a few months ago and it was cleaned
and the wifi hardware was clan and everything work as it should

device manager says the wifi hardware is working as should
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