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I am new and I like computers

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Hey everybody, I just joined today.

It looks like you guys have a good forum going here and I'd like to be able to post my problems and help solve anything I can.

Can't wait.:winking:
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Welcome iamnotfamous! I am, in my own mind! ;)
Welcome to the forums....... :D
Welcome iamnotfamous!
Welcome to the party.

:cheers: :singer: :icream2:
thanks for such the warm welcome. :winkgrin:
Hey man,

Welcome to the forums where fun people, and fun topics unite:winkgrin:

I hope this makes sence :D

Welcome again.........

Hey we like computer too...or atleast the abuse they give us:rolleyes:

Hello from Shanna the mad hatter. Hope you stick around a while , every bodys great and really smarta** oop, sorry you guys it slipped, I meant really smart. Welcome to the nut house at TSF.:bandit:
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