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We recently switched to Bellsouth for our web hosting. I have used Outlook Express for years; however, since the switch, I have been unable to download email into that program. I keep getting repeated prompts for my password. I enter it, but then it just keeps prompting. I also have my personal email account set up on OE, and it is working perfectly.

I have spent a million hours online trying to find the answer to this problem. I have found others have had the same issue and even a "solution" for the problem. Unfortunately, I am not smart enough to understand the solution. This is what I got from the Microsoft help site:

"Steps to resolve the problem
When you use the default Exchange Server POP3 or IMAP4 authentication setting (Clear Text Authentication), set your POP3 or IMAP4 account name to include the following information:

For example, if your domain is "Name_of_domain," your account name is "Myaccount," and your Exchange Server alias is "Serveralias," your account name is as follows:

..I don't understand about all of the ExchangeMailAlias stuff

Please help!!! My boss is driving me crazy!!!
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