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***I am at the end of my tether and seek assistance***

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Hello all

I am new to this forum and hope to provide lots of input as well as recieving help.

I am based in the UK and run Windows XP Pro, i have a Belkin Wireless router and Belkin USB Wireless adaptor.

I have SP2 and prior to this, my pc worked faultlessly.

I had to move my pc yesterday to get access to something and i think i plugged my usb wireless device back into a different socket as xp found new hardward and asked me to install driver etc

Which i did, and then entered the network hex code.

Ever since then the small computer in my task bar shows a pulsating orange and status shown as :Aquiring Network Address although i could still browse the web,

I rang Belkin who showed me how to select a static IP and that works just fine and the wireless device goes to connected immediately.

BUT i have a Roku wireless media player on my network too which aquires an ip address using DCHP, like my pc used to do before it was made static.

I am worried that although the Roku works fine now, as my pc has a static ip that the Roku might get issued a new ip address at some time that conflicts with my pcs ip address.

I would very much like your help.

The only addition i have made to my system before this network problem was the addition of Microsoft spyware, BUT the network worked fine after installation, it was only when i moved pc and plugged in the usb devices again.

I hope to hear from you with advice.


Paul Stewart
United Kingdom
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If you make sure your static IP address is outside the range of the DHCP server in the router, but still in the same subnet, you won't have any risk of IP address collisions.
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