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I have an unusual situation. I need to go through several different backups done in Acronis to find a version of an Outlook .pst file that has certain emails in it that I am missing in my live Gmail account. I use Outlook the full program for my mail and I don't want to risk messing that up so I have created a W10 Pro Hyper-v machine and installed one of my office 365 installations in it. I have the backups located on a USB drive and I am able to mount the backups as virtual drives through Acronis and I can go through them on my physical laptop but I don't know how to share or map the drive either for the virtual Acronis drive or the entire USB drive into the VM.

The emails I need to find are extremely important (this is not for a business - it is personal) so I don't have tech support to go to.

Any and all assistance is appreciated.


Wonder Woman
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