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I want you help badly about a problem with avi files.

I have an external capture / palyer video device and i had capture some avi files (2G each)
i connect the external with PC and i used "Recover my files" soft in order to operate because something happend to my external and i could not find the files. The soft which i used recovered all the files and i transfer them to my PC.
After that i check the files and operating fine. By my mistake ( i am stupid) i delete these files from PC and as you can understand i used again the software :recover my files"
I found the files again but when itried to play them in WMD an error message appeared "avi: no entry"
i found out that this solved with DIVx Fix soft and i used it , nothing happened
I have all the codecs all the players in order to play but nothing

P.S. In the PC scanning "recover my files" i found some more files avi with 2 G capasity and under a different name "DCS" not avi

Please help me

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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