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I was copied on an email from my uncle to my father.

Hi Dathan,
Good luck with your new company, or has your address been the victim of a hostile takeover?

On 5/26/08 9:18 AM, "[Bob Benfer" <[Earth]> wrote:

my dear friend :
We are a foreign trade company in China . we both wholesale and retail digital products all over the world . ( Mp3, mobiles, camera, notebook , TV. . . )we provide not only cheaper price, but also high quality articles . We promise you will get an unexpected surprise .please feel free to contact us , and we will offer you best service .
Our website :hxxp://

Give to a good cause with every e-mail. Join the i’m Initiative from Microsoft. < GoodCause>

This email was sent to all persons on my father's address list. Is it a spam?

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Hello Dianne, Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Yes indeed it is :4spam:

Kind Regards,
Do you know if it is harmful?

I think that its just advertising junk.
I tested out this bjceo website by ordering one of their cheaper products. I can now conclude 100% that bjceo ( is a complete scam. I sent the money which they disputed receiving. I then provided proof from my bank of payment being sent and put a trace on the payment to confirm when the payment arrived in their account. They continue to say that payment has not arrived and now ask for me to resend payment. Apparently stealing my money once is not good enough and now they would like me to send more money. AVOID BJCEO AT ALL COSTS.
Good work, Ross! I hope you didn't spend too much. Thanks for the update, and welcome to the forum. :smile:
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