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HTML tables and scrolling..

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I am designing a website. It's using tables. How can I get just the center table to allow scrolling so if the information is too big to fit in it'll have a scroll bar?!

I'd rather not use tables..
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how much css do you know?

(you can do this using a div set for overflow, but I'll change the instructions depending on your familiarity [if any] with css).

I think I've tried the div thing with no success. Thanks for the reply.. but I changed my mind on doing this.

I had two websites in the works for my employer and I figured they could pick which design they like best, but they already liked the first design I made so I'm going to just keep that and finish it.
I still haven't thought of anything nice/easy to do.

What I was thinking was some kind of javascript that's cross-browser friendly and has an arrow on the left (or a minus symbol), a number in the middle, and an arrow on the right (or a plus symbol).

You press the arrows to make the number go up or down then press GO to goto that page.
How about an html form?! I made a dropdown box that has Pages 1-35 in it.. how do I make it so when you select that page it'll automatically go there without any need for a "submit" type button..
ugh, I'm rusty on forms, I'll see if anyone 'round here has a better memory than I.
In cases like this I often created two or more table sets. For this instance I'd make the center table just one cell and tell it to align itself either to the left or right if there are two table sets side-by-side, or centered if there are 3.
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