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HTML code

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OK, wheres our HTML expert?
I need to know how to creat a link on a webpage, that opens in a NEW window, so that the viewer doesn't leave the site.
Also how to have a set size for that particular window, when it opens.
2 parts = 2 answers. Thanx!
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<a href="" target="_blank">link me</a>
Thanx Dan the man!
Anyone know the second part?
Sounds too complicated, I guess I'll just use the new window code for now.
You can also instead of putting blank put reference cause blank will bring up a new window each time the link is clicked reference will make a new window to surf into
so they are one page 1 and click on link a then page 2 will open up with the contents of link a and with reference if they click on link b it will open in page 2 replacing link a but with page 1 still intact

Lost???? I hope so! if you need explanation PM me or sumthin. and yeah the window size is Java if you wanna give me a minute or two I can have a good script or maybe a way to do it in HTML
HA I win! Here's a link on how to do it in JAVA and AGAIN and and one more I couldn't find it in HTML...maybe Da will handle that :p
Wooooooo... thanxs guys!
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