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A guy came into our computer club to see if anyone could have a look at his HP ze4700 laptop and maybe get it fixed - when the laptop is turned on and as soon as it boots the LCD has a wide upside-down L-looking problem on the screen.

I hooked it up to an external LCD monitor and it looked perfect - what I need to know is what is wrong with the laptop LCD screen - could it be the HP LCD screen itself or is there another problem elsewhere like an inverter or something ?

I don't want to open it up until someone replies here with an answer or two to this problem.
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What kind of work will be involved and can it be done without taking much time to remedy the fault in the LCD assembly ? Could it be a loose cable or such ?

I am not a qualified techie in repairs but am able to repair laptops and PCs as long as I know what to remove and replace.
Bought a replacement 15" LCD on Ebay for this HP Pavilion ze4700 - installed it and the computer boots up but there is a very. very dim display on the display. Is it that the inverter is not compatible with the LCD panel that I bought ?

The LCD panel that I bought is compatible with the HP Pavilion ze4xxx series of laptops - manufactured by Hannstar, model# HSD150PX14 - does anyone know which series of inverter will make this work in a HP Pavilion ZE4700 ?

Inverter I am trying to install with new lcd is DELTA AS023165020

Quick reply needed.
Well, I'm awaiting the mailman delivering today or tomorrow a new inverter to replace the original that was with the laptop. Until then I am hooked up to the external monitor while I restore the laptop software (owner of laptop requested this.)
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