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I have the HP Officejet 8715. Lately if I do not shut down the printer, it prints all sorts of garbage on its own. Sheets and sheets of paper.
I have tried the following to correct the issue to no avail.
Deleted and uninstalled the printer and download new software .
Reinstalled the printer with the latest firmware etc.
Turned off Wi Fi direct
Connected the printer directly into a wall socket no extension cords
Reset the printer to factory settings.
None of the above helped at all.
Any suggestions on what to do, is this really my printer, I do shut down my pc every night!
I am including what my printer printed last night, just to be clear I shut down my pc every evening


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The default configuration of some HP Printers enables the Remote Firmware Update (RFU) setting which allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code by using a session on TCP port 9100 to upload a crafted firmware update.

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