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HP Pavillion Sound Stopped Working dv6525em

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Hi, I have recent installed Windows 7 x64 on my HP Pavillion Laptop DV6500 - dv6525em and the sound was working for about a day but has now stoped.

I can't find any drivers and in device manager there is no sound device.

Please advise.

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Hi go here choose your model and you can get all the drivers for your machine Product search results
Thanks for the help.

It says no device detected, I guess I will try reinstalling the OS, failing that it may be broken.
After reinstalling Windows Vista x64 the sound started working again. However after restarting the computer a couple of times the audio device disappeared again.

Any ideas?
was this a clean install. and by chance are you disabling any programs that have your audio dependencies
was this a clean install. and by chance are you disabling any programs that have your audio dependencies
Yeah, it was a clean install and there are no other programs installedthat would control the sound.

Hi I found this YouTube - HP DV6000 series problems and wonder if it could explain the issue
Many thanks for your efforts! Unfortunately I am experincing a different problem :-(

I looked in deivce manager and there is a device that says "Unkown Device" - I'm wondering if this could be the audio device :4-dontkno
Hi is it at the sound and video controller
Nevermind it was something useless "Hotkeydevice".

In device manager there is no "sound and video controller" section :-S
Ok what is there it should be 3rd from the bottom
Hi I would say the issue is with the audio device you did try the drivers and it made no difference
Hi sorry I forgot to get you to look into doing this Audio Device - Enable Hidden Devices - Vista Forums
Thanks - No Luck :sigh:
have you tried going into your bios to check to be sure your audio is enabled its most likely in advanced settings
I had a look but couldn't see anything related to sound so I reset all setting to their default with no luck. I noticed that the physical "sound muted" icon on the laptop lights up as soon as I turn the laptop on. Hmm
Hi in the bio under system configuration do you see anything related to sound here
I'm not an expert, but I have an HP dv981us and my sound card, webcam and the CD rom drive stopped working ... and I got no assistance from HP support in trying to fix these issues.

A while back when I was researching the sound problem, I found this...
Resolving the "No Audio Device is Installed" Error HP Pavilion dv9810us Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

The sound card issue is a known problem. I was able to get it restarted... only to have it go out again.

I was told to try this also...
Resolving No Sound or Audio Problems in Vista HP Pavilion dv9810us Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

The last thing they instructed me to do was to restore my laptop back to factory defaults. But also advised me to do a recovery disc first ... which I can't do because the CD rom drive doesn't work. LOL!:upset::upset::upset:
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The DV6000 (and a bunch of other models) have this nagging problem with the FSB chip. The Front Side Bus handles the PC's communication with peripherals such as the audio card, modem, lan, USB ports and so on. With time, the FSB chip comes loose from the motherobard, and the laptop experiences all kinds of bizzare problems: components mysteriously disappear, random freezeups of the mouse and keyboard, problems with the DVD, and in some extreme cases, the laptop gets stuck at the HP logo and won't boot.
No matter what you do: replace RAM, DVD, hard drive, CPU, reinstall Windows, driver update etc.. nothing will help because the bottom line is that the laptop has a bad motherboard.
There are two options. Get a new motherboard, or repair the one you have. The repair is really not all that difficult, and there are four repair procerures ranging from a rough improvisation to a repair center-level fix. I wont go into detail here, you can find out more on . The text is actually for a HP nx6110, but the problem is identical. So is the list of solutions.
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