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HP Laptop Win7 will not stay on

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My daughter improperly shut down her HP laptop computer by pressing and holding the power switch. The laptop runs on Win7. She claims that it boots up momentarily, then shuts down after a few seconds.
Any suggestions on a quick fix/solution?:mad:
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Thank you for such a fast response to my inquiry.
I will try to follow some of early steps in resolving this issue,
as suggested by the link provided.

I am not proficient enough to attempt some of the later steps.
I may have to take the unit into a computer repair facility.
If I have any success in my early attempts, I will let you know.
OK if it is still under warranty you will not want to take it apart since that would void your warranty i should have mentioned that earlier.
Boot off of your Windows 7 DVD and choose to Fix My Computer. Windows will try and fix it, if that fails it will give you the option to do a System Restore to a time before this happened.
Thank you Spunk.Funk, I haven't tried that,
Your advice sound pretty straight forward.
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