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HP ENVY 4520 will not print wirelessly or autheticate into network

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Hi All,

Just got a new HP ENVY 4520 All in one printer. Great device. Installed drivers. Would not do it wirelessly. Had to install using USB connection from the lap to printer because a few updates had to be installed from Microsoft.

Once I disconnect the USB, the Scanner portion of the device can't be found. Wireless is activated. IP address is broadcasting from printing device. WPA2-PSK is the authentication and can see the SSID. Tried to put in the shared network key but was unable to authenticate into the network.

The IP address of the printer was inputted and was accepted. The screen shots show it's hanging on in Activation. The rest of the process seems to lead to signing into my HP account which will not let me. Not certain by policy if that is required to connect wirelessly.

The third step #3 in the screen shot stops --continue online in the screen shot leads me to sign into the HP site, which shouldn't be a factor to authenticate into my wireless network

Here is my OS

Windows 7

Wireless Authentication WPA2-PSK 802.11n

Printer model HP ENVY 4520

Attached is where the issues we are getting

Any solutions would be much appreciated?

See screen shots



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