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HP Envy 15 battery charging issue

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Hi everyone,

I would much appreciate some help with my laptop!

I am having endless unfortunate problems with this laptop. First it just died and would not turn on what so ever, I got fed up of trying to repair it so just purchased a new motherboard from China. At first I assumed everything was fine again because it worked perfectly, although I did not have a battery, it was working fine off the charger.

I purchased a new battery for it from China and it arrived just a few days ago. Initially I still thought everything was fine because the battery arrived 80% and it seemed to work perfectly, then as the battery ran out I got the most frustrating problem of all, it would not charge.

When I put the AC adaptor in, it just cycles through charging and not charging every few seconds. I assumed the charger has gone, because I know this is a common problem with some laptops (it will run fine with the adaptor plugged in but will not charge the laptop)

But just before I wasted more money on a new charger I did a few tests. I still have the original motherboard, so I hooked up the AC adaptor and put the new battery in it, and it charged fine! Went back up to 100% within a few hours, and I was able to run the new motherboard off it again until it died.

So, I have narrowed it down to the NEW motherboard also being faulty! Would anyone happen to know how to fix it? I am sure it is possible to exchange some components related to charging from the old motherboard on to the new one, does anyone know what could be wrong?

I apologise for this essay, but I would be so grateful if someone could help me. I want this laptop back!!

Many Thanks,
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