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HP DX8308TX laptop problem

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Guys; This laptop belongs to my daughter and initially had a failed hdd, also the screen now appears to switch off about a minute or so into any type of boot process.
This laptop was originally installed with XP Media, so using a remote monitor, I have replaced the hdd with a new hdd and ensuring that the BIOS sees it,I tried installing XP but after loading the install files, says no hdd installed; Windows 7 on the other hand just won't start loading at all.
I suspect a hardware fault on this unit though I am not able to pinpoint the problem.
Unfortunately, she let her boyfriend take a look who wiped the hdd and tried loading a new install OS which put paid to recovering the failed hdd.
I am hoping someong might have some ideas.
Best regards.....
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Hello Anthony Ormsby,

When the screen goes black, can you see faint images int the screen?
Sorry, the screen appears to be dead, yet it will show on a remote monitor.
Enter the BIOS (usually F2, DEL or ESC) and check to see if there is a setting for the boot display. Set it to internal.

Also, on the remote display, check your display settings. Does the driver see the internal display?

At what point does the screen turn off?
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