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Hi Guys,
I have a HP DV9000 series laptop which i have connected to my LCD TV using a 15 pin D-Sub cable which has worked fine for over 8 months. Suddenly yesterday the display is messed up as there is no red component on the external LCD.

1. The display on the laptop screen is just fine... no problem at all
2. I have connected another laptop using the same cable to the same LCD TV and it works fine
3. It cannot be a driver issue as the HP boot logo screen is also affected
4. I have booted with a Live Linux CD and the display is still messed up.

Troubleshooting done:
1. Not a cable issue as the other laptop connected with the same cable works fine
2. Not a TV issue as above
3. Not a display card hardware issue as Laptop screen is fine
4. Not a driver issue as display messed up even before the OS loads and also tried Linux.
5. Cleaned vga out port on the lappy still no luck

PS: My laptop is out of warranty :-(
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