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HP desktop installation of hp printers the blue screen

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I have a hp desktop, and 2 hp printers. I recently completely wiped the system, in the means of reseting the whole pc with the software i got from hp to bring my pc back the same as it was brand new. After i deleted all of the programs i did not need, and as i did that i restarted the pc as i deleted the unneeded programs to ensure i was not getting rid of anything i needed. after the removal of these programs i had the pc the way i wanted it, startup was awesome. So then i hooked up the internet, and went to the hp site and got the correct needed software for the 2 printers. then i turned of the internet and installed the needed stuff for them to work. After doing these actions, now upon startup it goes to a bluescreen with a duration time of 1 minute and 30+ seconds, then the bluescreen goes away and everything starts to load such as the icons in the lower right hand side. Is there a way to correct this or you got any ideas?


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I would disable all HP related startup options. They are generally not needed. Do this by typing "msconfig" into the Run box (Windows+R), going to the startup tab, and unchecking all options that are related to HP. (Heck, uncheck most everything besides antivirus software and system drivers. Startup items here are usually not essential.)

Also, with Vista/7 I don't think you even technically need drivers for the printers to print. BUT - you do need them for scanning. So anyway if you don't need scanning functionality I would just uninstall the drivers completely and have windows do the printer connection itself (Control panel > add a printer)
thanks for the suggestion, but it still didnt work and still went to the blue screen:mad:
Are you sure it is the printers that are causing the problem? The way you phrase the problem makes it sound like you did all this stuff at the same time - wipe the computer, reinstall windows, and reinstall printer drivers - but you're blaming the bluescreen on the last thing only.

Also, what kind of bluescreen is it that goes away after a little while? That is very strange and I have never seen that.
Boot into Recovery using your Windows DVD or the HDD recovery partition and select "Windows System Restore" - choose a restore point prior to the installation of the HP printer drivers.

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well this is the deal, good points, but i have alot of time on my hands, and i bought complete reboot software from hp, and when i install these two cd's it restores the pc to the complete factory settings just like the day i bought it. I had issues with the pc due to what i believe was spyware, and couldnt get rid of it. so i completely restored the pc with the software, and it removed what ever the problem was, so thats no issue. so after i did that i removed all of the stuff that comes new (that was unneeded) and after i would remove each bogus program i would restart the pc to ensure startup was fine and fast, and it was, then i updated the system with all updates, after that i went to hp site only and downloaded the 2 bits of programs for the 2 printers, and before i downloaded either of them i restarted the pc and made sure the startup was fine, and it was. then i installed one of the 2 programs with the internet disconnected, to make sure it didnt try and autofind the software. then after the first one was complete and the printer worked, i then restarted the pc, and then blue screen for about a minute, since all of this i just live with it i guess and went through, personalize-windows color and apperance and through that changed the color from blue to red, so that way it makes me as mad as possiable (lol). but what i can tell you is that windows has indentified a problem, seems as it is a service hang report hpqddsvc is the product, and happens every time i reboot
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hpqddsvc = HP CUE DeviceDiscovery service

What are the exact model numbers of the 2 printers?

Did you obtain updated drivers from HP Support?

HP Support & Drivers

Is Vista SP1 & SP2 installed?
hp deskjet F-380 all in one printer
hp photosmart d7460

and i went to hp and downloaded the drivers and such, then before the install i disconnected the internet so the pc would not try and autofind the hardware, and cause if you let it auto find the software for the f-380, it installs the wrong stuff, cause this printer has scan abilities. and like i said i have alot of time on my hands, so i even said screw it, and redid the system once again and did the d7460 first as oppose the the f-380, and upon restart same deal, blue screen. and before the install of these programs i restart the pc to ensure good start ups, and they are but only after i download these do i have problems.:4-dontkno
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