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Hey guys, thanks for responding. Just wanted to give an update in case anyone else runs into this problem.

So in answer to SpywareDr, yes I had in fact tried all of HPs trouble shooting steps with zero positive results. After trying the last step (letting it charge for 24 hours with the correct power supply and after confirming the power supply and outlet were functioning properly) the only significant change was that the reddish/orange LED indicator changed to a white color.

I performed additional Google searches including these findings and was able to locate a forum from a school tech guy who had run into this problem multiple times. On the forum, he stated that the problem was in fact a faulty graphics card but since it is obviously an integrated card, the mother board would need to be replaced. He also said that HP is aware of this defect and even issued a recall, but their fix was simply to replace the board with the same exact one and so the problem is just repeating. I only add this because some readers looking for answers may have bought and paid for this chromebook out of pocket. In my case, the school provided the laptop so I don’t particularly care whether the problem keeps popping up or not so long as she doesn’t get charged for it.

She took the computer in to school and they were able to confirm that it needed a new board. She was not charged and all is right in the world again lol though she is full of drama because they gave her a used chromebook that was pretty dirty I guess and had pet hair and stuff down in the keyboard lol. Other than that tho, she is up and running again and I’m only out a little bit of my time. There was no charge to my buddy’s daughter or my buddy.

Thanks again for your input! I really love this forum!
Thank you so much for this. I literally just signed up to this site to tell you that! I've had nothing but problems with these CB's and with the pandemic and i work at a school the problem just got bigger. not only that issue with these CBs also the keyboard ribbon cables are too long so HP wisdom said lets fold it so it fits!🤦‍♂️ I really like our Samsung ones but we can never find them in bulk. so thank you again for this!
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