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HP C4280 issue

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I have loaded, unloaded my printer software twice and still have the same issue. When using explorer, if I have more than one window open and I try to close out one window all close automatically. With no printer loaded it does not do this. Printer on or off does not change the problem. Can you help?

Thank You
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Hello and Welcome to TSF,

Which IE are you using?
Also why do you think the problem is with the printer?
What is an IE? And this only started after the printer was installed. When I uninstall it goes away, then comes back after the printer is installed again.

Thank you for the response!

Internet Explorer?
also what driver or software did you install for the printer?
Just microsoft explorer. I used the disk that came with the printer for software.
What internet explorer are you using?????
6.0, sorry it took awhile to find my version.
ok no problem,

The IE is not the problem here, heres what it is go here and get the 3 updates for the printer:

Install the updates and reboot pc.

Do them in the order that is posted there and reboot pc between each one also to make sure everything goes smoothly.

mark thread solved under thread tools if this solves the problem, near top of this page, ty.
still no go. I called HP, they were questioning my memory. But it is on closing a window when the problem arises. Any thoughts?

Thank You for your time

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