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Hp 952c

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I have seen similar problems in this forum, but none that solve my problem.

I have a wireless network with 4 computers.
I have a HP 952C physically connected to a computer running XP SP2
My two other XP computers recognize and print to it without a problem.

I just added a laptop running VISTA home premium. It sees the printer, but can not communicate with it. It says that the server does not have enough memory to complete the addition.

I saw in another thread to add it as a local printer then add a port to the network location. That did not work either. I keep getting the server memory error or error 0x0000046a.

The MS website has a work around for 0x0000046a, but it is only for Windows 2000. I am running XP SP2. The keys in the registry that MS says to edit are not in XP at all.

Why would it come up with a memory error when all my other computers work fine with it?

How do I get it to work on VISTA?

Your help is greatly appreciated.
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