Graphics driver software is responsible for the performance of the graphics card (GPU) installed in your PC. As is apparent from its name, a graphics card works to enhance the gaming and video viewing experience of the user. An updated graphics driver gives you the best performance.

Most of the graphics card brands like NVIDIA, AMD, etc. frequently release driver updates for their graphics cards.

How to identify your Graphic Card

Through Device Manager
  1. Click the Startbutton and type Device Managerin the Search box then select Device Managerfrom the drop-down menu.
  2. Expand the Display adapters section to see the manufacturer and model of your computer’s graphic card.

Through Speccy
  1. Another way to get the specifications of your computer's graphics card is through third party software such asSpeccy. It is freeware from the developers of CCleaner and gives you detailed information about your computer's hardware.
  2. Download and install Speccy .
  3. Right click on its Desktop Icon then click on Run as administrator to get detailed computer hardware specifications.
Generally, you can get updated graphics drivers from the manufacturer's website. Download and install them from there to have the best graphics performance on your PC. (You should use this as a general rule when downloading any software, always download from the developers site whenever possible.)

Some well-known graphics card developers also have update-checking utilities that automatically check for new graphics driver versions and keep you updated about them. A popular one is the NVIDIA Update Utility NVIDIA Driver Downloads - Automatically Detect NVIDIA ProductsNote:You need to use Internet Explorer to access this link

Bear in mind that your old graphics hardware may eventually die and manufacturers move to newer hardware from time to time. So this update procedure may not work forever.

WHQL and Beta Drivers:


WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) drivers are drivers that have been tested by Microsoft, using a series of different procedures to test stability and compatibility. A driver that has been tested and has passed these tests, will be categorised as WHQL.

Beta drivers have not been fully tested, and bugs may still remain in the code. It is advised to use Beta drivers with caution, since they haven't been fully tested for stability and compatibility, and thus may result in crashes.

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