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I have got two broadband Internet connection.
I would like to know how I can make use of these two broadband lines. Where I can configure so that if one Internet broadband fails another should take it automatically.

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Consider a dual-WAN router.

Here's a list of a bunch of models, see which one fits your budget and requirements.

Symantec VPN 200
Nexland Pro800
BroDigit NFR3024
Hawking FR24
Xincom XC-DPG402
Xincom XC-DPG502
Xincom XC-DPG602
OvisLink MN200
HotBrick Firewall VPN 600/2
HotBrick Firewall VPN 1200/2
ZyXel ZyWall 35
Linksys RV082
Edimax BR-6104K
Xterasys XR-4106
Pheenet BIG-02/4
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