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How To Setup A Server

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I was wondering if anyone knew a good book that explains how to setup a server and maintaining it.


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do u mean a FTP on home comp or a full http webserver ... (with apache or other stuffs? )
running servers goes to linux.
best os, best security, ...

Best destribution for running server is debian or red hat.
Webmin is adviced (as serve program).
If you want to run just a simple HTTP server with the ability to Upload files, you should try Network Activ Web server

I use it and it works great. You will need to make sure that you forward your ports if you have a router. If that does not work, Connect Modem (Cable or DSL) to Server PC, to Router via Crossover and Enable ICS on the Server PC.

That is how mine is set up.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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