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Good morning!
Anyone who's put up with my repeated yakking about the GParted LiveCD (GPLCD) knows by now that I think it's a neat partitioning tool.
I also emphasize repeatedly that one must take good notes, yet I often fail to do so myself.
In Linux, unlike that other OS, taking screenshots is so easy that I'm beginning to take digital screenshot notes with a thumb drive, then printing and/or saving them on our main PC.
If you're trying to help someone on a forum, there's nothing like attaching a screenshot of some operation instead of trying to write it all out.

I couldn't figure out how to take screenshots from within the GPLCD environment. There's a screenshot icon in the lower panel, but it saves the shots to some sort of "root" folder that I didn't understand. It doesn't take much to confuse me :sigh:

I stumbled onto a sticky at the GPLCD forum that explains how to mount a USB drive while working from within GPLCD. Pasted in below is the part that's the most helpful...

Open a terminal from the panel, by clicking the terminal icon
and then type the following :
# fdisk -ul > myfile.txt
plug your usb key
type :
# fdisk -l | grep sd*
search for your just plugged key : it could be something like sda1, or if you have sata or scsi hard disk, it could be sdb1 or even sdc1... try to guess : may be you could unplug your key and run the "#fdisk -l" command again to see the differencies...
Imagine your key is plugged on sdb1, then type :
# mkdir /tmp/usb
mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/usb
cp myfile.txt /tmp/usb
ls /tmp/usb (there you MUST see myfile.txt !)
umount /tmp/usb
unplug your key and plug it on your pc (after you have booted your OS), to get the file and past it here ....

OK, he's describing how to save a file, "myfile.txt" If you just want to save screenshots, here are the modifications to the above...

I plugged my thumb drive in before even booting the GPLCD. Once GPLCD was up on the screen -

Opened a terminal (there's an icon in the lower panel)
Typed in:
fdisk -l | grep sd*

Do you know how to make that odd "|" character? On my plain jane Dell qwerty us keyboard it's the key just below "Backspace". Lower case on that key is "\", upper case looks like two dots on the key but makes that solid line on the screen.

Found the usb key as 'sdb1'

So I typed:
mkdir /tmp/usb
mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/usb

Then I opened the Thunar file browser (another icon in the lower panel, Thunar is the file browser used in Xubuntu and other lighter-weight distros) and looked in 'tmp'. Sure enough, the usb drive was there, and I could browse the existing files.

So I took a screenshot, which saves to "root/gparted.jpeg" or something like that. It tells you where it's going to save the shot. When the screenshot appeared to be done, I closed the associated windows on the desktop, opened Thunar, found the root folder, found 'gparted.jpeg', right-clicked on it, and Cut it. Backed out of that folder, went to 'tmp' folder, opened the usb folder, Pasted. I had to change the name of the .jpeg or the next screenshot tried to overwrite it. If you're only taking one screenshot you don't have to rename it.

Then before closing out of GPLCD I typed in:
umount /tmp/usb

to unmount the usb drive.

Hope that helps someone who's experimenting with a GParted LiveCD!
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