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How to restore deleted files from my hard drive?

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I have a lot of things of which I deleted a long time ago, I also deleted them out of the recycle bin. I regret doing so, and would wish to have these pictures back. I downloaded a couple of programs which say they can do this, but have failed to find anything of which I have deleted.

Is there a better place to post this question as it has not strictly to do with the hard drive, and simply getting information off it?

I would love you if you could answer my question !! :D

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Hi zronxter,

Check out - Download Freeware and Shareware Computer Utilities., a good site where you can find many programs. I believe they have programs of what you are looking for on this site. Hope this helps you out.
There are programs that can recover deleted files. But the success rate varies inversely with the time and activity on the disk since the files were deleted. When a file is deleted from the recycle bin the disk space becomes available for use. Once a deleted file is overwritten it cannot be recovered.

You should always have a backup of important files. Hard drives fail, often without warning, and there are a variety of other causes for data loss as well. Having only one copy of important files is asking for trouble.
Personally, I would use Recuva, and perform a deep scan. If even after that nothing pops up, then chances are it has been overwritten multiple times since then. I hear things about people being able to recover data that has been overwritten multiple times, hence why you need an algorithm to securely erase data these days, but that would be rather extreme, and costly.
Well first off you really don't give details that really would help narrow this down. What is the time frame of when it was deleted and now ? Do you have a Solid State hard Drive / Windows 7 seems to me your OS Correct ? Win7 does a lot of de-fragmentation DAILY that makes DR over time much more difficult SSD drives the new ones will re-organize free space within 10min of a deletion no recovery possible in that scenario. Do you use Outlook ? did you e-mail any of this to anyone ever ? it could be in the Outlook hidden cache directory. I 2nd recuva its a great program and fairly easy interface.
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