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How to remove startup files?

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Does anyone know how I can stop certain programs from being in the startup cache or whatever you call it? I mean, how do I prevent programs from starting with windows? Ones that do not have an option about starting when windows starts. Anybody?
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How many programs i it you want to stop?

The best way is to get into the program you want to stop, into its properties/preferences/options, whichever will have the config to start at system startup and uncheck that option.

Other ways include using 3rd party software,, such as Autoruns, Absolute Startups etc.

Here's a good guide on this:

If you have Spybot S&D you can do it through that aswell.
Go to your start button, click on it. Then select "run". Type in "msconfig" (without quotes) and enter. Choose the start up tab, uncheck what you don't want. Give it some thought first before you uncheck things. :)
Well, that's what I was saying about not having that option. There are quite a number of programs that I don't like to start up with windows. Most are associated with Nero CD/DVD burning software. Background programs.
Do as Tapasia said, Start > Run, type msconfig, press enter; under startup tab you will find those programs, uncheck those which you dont want to run but yea again as tapasia said give it some some thoght first before you uncheck them...
Msconfig will only put them in a diagnostic stage. They will be disabled but still there. Its made for troubleshooting purposes rather than eliminating any unwanted startups.

If you followed my last post, it would get you well on your way to what you asked. :sigh:

Anyway, download CCleaner:

You can read about it there to help you understand more.

Open it, go to Tools>Startups.

There you can see the reg entries and "delete entry" any startups that you don't want. Only effect would be that they won't startup no more at system bootup but will obviously maintain to be installed.
You are also right kalim but if you try to go in preferences and stop them from there sometimes its very hard....
For eg. Yahoo Messenger, if you want this program to stop from the startup list then first you have to log in and then you can access the preferences to stop it.
Sometimes its also very hard to find where that option is..... but logically, your option is best in my point of view..
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