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How to reinstall XP and keep an app?

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I'm working on a laptop for a friend that is pretty trashed up. I'd like to reinstall WinXP but he has an application for which he can't find the install CD.
I've installed Windows many times, but never without first formatting. If I just reinstall over the existing installation, will that "refresh" Windows so that it operates normally again (I've already cleaned up a BUNCH of viruses, but I think the damage has already been done to the registry).
the app works now, so if I do reinstall without reformatting, will the app still work?

If the above isn't a good solution, does anyone know of a piece of software that will allow me to move the application from one PC to another? If I can install onto another HDD, and move the application, that would be acceptable.

Thanks in advance!
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I heard of a program that says that it does this but it costs money and does not work for everything. so not worth it on a chance. you got a couple options. first you can partition the hard drive install a new os on the second partition and just leave the old os as a dual boot. this will cause less space on the hdd. or you could try to do a repair install and see if that fixes the problems with the registry. but this will work only if the registry is not software related.
I don't mind paying money for a program that will allow me to move an app.

The user I am helping wouldn't likely have a clue how to handle a dual boot :sigh: so I'm trying to put his system back together like new again.

Do you remember the name of the "move an app" program? try this this looks like its free I going to give a go trying to move sims over I let you know

ok I tried with thi app mover program. I tried to move sims 2 that is on drive c while I was running drive d and Did not work. so I took filezilla that is istalled on file d and app moved it to drive c when on drive d and worked with the transfer. now I am transferring the sims to to drive d while I am on drive c.

I see if this works buts going to take a while
Hmmmm....seems like this app allows you to move an app to a different directory on the same system. Unless I can find some way to clean up the WinXP installation, I'll need to move this app to a different system/install.

Thanks for your effort, though. MUCH appreciated!
What is the exact application he's trying to keep? If he has a product key (perhaps in the registry) and can show the company it's licensed and his, they could ship him a replacement CD for the cost of shipping.
Application is MS MapPoint (about a $250 package). I've never tried obtaining a CD from Microsoft, showing proof of ownership via the license key. Something tells me that they couldn't care less, but to save the cost of purchasing the app over again, it might be worth a try. Thanks!
The number is 1 (800) 360-7561 in the states. More numbers for Canada and elsewhere in here:

Usually you can find the product ID by going to help, about (it works in office products at least).
Appending: you should probably use produkey instead.
It'll give you the product ID as opposed to the generated OEM number or whatever shows up in the help, about box.
Thanks MUCH! I called the number, found that, indeed, Microsoft will ship me a CD if I can provide the Product ID (REALLY cool to know this, BTW). However, the version of the MS MapPoint program I have is older than what MS has in inventory (they will only ship the 2009 version...if I already have the 2009 version).

So it looks like I'm back to square one...looking for a program that allows me to move the existing application to another computer or installation.

I ran across "Aloha Bob" as a potential candidate, but the reviews on it were horrible. Still, I may still have to follow that path unless something better comes along.

A more general question: If the registry on this WinXP installation is totally hosed, but it still boots, is there a way to reinstall WinXP to "refresh" the image and make the registry good again? Oh, AND retain my apps (not have to reinstall them)?

I've installed XP fresh (formatted the disk) a million times, but never tried reinstalling over an existing install. Just curious what that will buy me.
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You could always try ebay. Prices are really mixed (from 10 bucks to like 350). Remember to read seller feedback to make sure you're dealing with an honest seller.

The only inconvenience of repair install is it removes all your updates and patches (they have to be reinstalled manually). I don't recall if it also forgets drivers, or program settings and you'd have to reinstall them, or not. It's handy if you need to start over, but need to keep your data (say you don't have external media to back up to, or can't even start windows to do a backup).
A "Repair" install does not affect drivers, programs or personal files like music and photos. It only repairs the Windows Files,if you do a Repair Install with a Slipstreamed Windows XP with SP3 it will not require that many patches to be installed manually.
Thanks MUCH for the education!
One last question....probably.....on the subject of a repair install: Some time back, I picked up a trojan on my home system (long story....I knew better, but I did something I shouldn't have). I was ultimately able to get rid of the virus, but not until after it had made some registry changes. As I recall, one of the changes stopped me from accessing certain directories on my system (and even if I changed the settings that made hidden and system folders viewable again, the changes didn't take effect). I found a solution on the web that told which registry keys had to be fixed.
So....I fixed them and that fixed that specific problem. But I'm left wondering what other reg changes were also made that I haven't discovered yet.
Would a repair install refresh registry settings like these? If not, does anyone know of a method to compare "default" registry settings against changes after the install? Maybe something like "sfc / scannow"?
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