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How to Ping network and alert when connection is working?

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hi everyone,

I posed a question in an earlier thread that my wireless network would intermittantly go down. After booting up my laptop, it can take between 5 min and 30 min to establish a Net connection. I followed the suggestion to upgrade my Intel Wireless/Pro driver, but it didn't make any difference.

Now I'm looking for a second best solution.

I'm looking for some utility to ping the network continuously and alert me when the connection is working. Currently I go to cmd and do "ping", but if the connection is still down, it will just freeze for a few seconds before reporting that the connection couldn't be established. I then have to come back a few mins later and repeat the same action. If I can find some utility to keep pinging until connected, I continue uninterrupted with my other work which doesn't require a Net connection.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!

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I found out I can do "ping -t" to make it keep pinging until I hit Ctrl-C.

I guess this will do for now. If anyone else can suggest a better way (including something that alert me when the ping is successful), pls do let me know.

Something like IPCheck Server Monitor would be more convenient. There are lots of similar utilities.
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