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how to load a o/s without a cd drive

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Hi guys
i hope some one can help me i have an ibm thinkpad 240 lovely machine and its ideal as i am away from home a lot
it used to work fine until someone kindly wiped the hard drive for me.
I have an external floppy drive that works fine
i also have pcmia cd drive but without an o/s system on the lap top the cd isnt being recognised i was given the cd drive and just got the drivers from the net
any sugestions on how to reload the o/s i have various systems here just cant seem to load the bloody things
any help would be gratefully recieved
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One options I can think of is, if you remove the hard drive from the machine. Then they sell these cable where you can plug any hard drive into a USB port. Example here:

You can pick these up at places like micro center and fry's. Then plug the hard drive into another machine, create a folder (not named windows) and copy the entire contents of the cd to the hard drive. Then install it back into the laptop and boot from a windows 98 boot disk and this will get you into DOS. Then just navigate to the folder with the CD contents and run setup. This is the best I can think of. Someone else might have a better idea.
Thinkpad 240 is quite an old machine. What OS do you plan on loading? You may need to get floppy version of Win98.
If you're installing XP, i think the floppy disks downloadable from MS will load the neccessary drivers for the rom drive, then hand off the install to the cd version
Could always try Linux
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